Aspirations and Dreams

by - 12/06/2020 03:01:00 pm

Talking about aspirations, then there are couple contenders. I'm slowly being exposed to the very different and often daunting world that life is for adults. Thankfully I'm in one of the greatest cities in this country, and this has shaped my perception of aspirations and hopes and dreams for myself. Ive seen love between people on dates, I've seen material success in extravagance flaunted by those with ostentatious cars and watches, I've seen the satisfaction of doctors working tirelessly on work experience.

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But, if I could choose my dreams, I want to go on to one day see a book written by me published. I want to go on writing for as long as I live and hope it never becomes boring to me. I want to go on to see many of my books sitting on a shelf, in the hope that someone who reads them is helped the same way books helped me.

I think I want to marry a US citizen and have a couple of cute kids. Having a successful business, living well and always shrouded in happiness. When they grow up, I want them to be CIA agents and successful programmers. Because, you know, it's the biggest wish of my life. Yes, being the largest spy agency in the world, also a programmer with success creating applications that are needed by many people. If I can't, then my kids must! Not by force, of course. I will slowly guide my childs to get there.

I also want my children to become pagent at least locally. Join exchange programs and won various competitions. Ah, so many dreams and desires. Lots of things. Dreaming is fun, especially when you can make it happen.

To summarize, my dream is to become a writer, build a business with a life partner, and lead our children to become successful people and not be belittled by others.

Now here's a questions?

What will you do with your dreams?

What story will you set out to create that will make you smile when everyone around you will say it is impossible, it just can't be done, it's just unreaslit?

That would indeed be an amazing worthy story to share one day.

What am I to make of all this at an age like this? Well what I've seen has shown me what success can look like. Those were three different forms of success, which is obviously something I want to make it comes true. I've had dreams of all kinds of success, but it's hard to judge. Thus I'm still undecided. As of now my biggest dream encompasses me at least experiencing success in all of these three things. How can we judge that we want something unless we've tried it before ?

In my opinion, dreams have to be tangible, so my biggest dream is to experience more and more of life, so I get to know what I enjoy doing, and what I can enjoy being successful at.

So, don't give up!! 

xx Dinna xx

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