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Talking about appearance is a touchy subject.

No one wants to be judged solely by the way they look, nor should they. Attractiveness is defined by many things that go beyond the superficial. That being said, there are certain things about appearance that are quite important. No matter how shallow it sounds, looks do matter, but not in the way you may be thinking.

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So why is it that looks matter?

Physical appearance is your first impression. Yes, we're more attracted to the physically ‘perfect’ beings because our brains are wired to find someone who's healthy and capable of giving us healthy babies.

But love is beyond the physical appearance. It's more about emotional bonding. In my opinion, love is being able to be yourself - absolutely naked: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and of course, physically! The one you love will never make you feel insecure about anything, not just the physical appearance. They'd rather help you overcome your insecurities! You're accepted the way you are and you'd be encouraged to be a better version of yourself just because you're capable.

I think, appearance can indicate a lot about someone do they take care of themselves, are they likely to be healthy, and do they seem to have self confidence and self respect? Just remember that old saying about books and their covers. While appearance can tell us certain things, it doesn’t tell us everything. But looks are often a pretty good clue.

Physical appearance is not the main thing. But the first time seen. In my opinion, one's physical appearance is not very influential for a relationship. I am more interested in atitude and attractive. If you already have both, and also have a good physical appearance, in my opinion it is a bonus.

And one thing, a person who's always bragging, loud, and doing stunts it makes you look foolish and childish. You'll look much more attractive if you keep calm, keep yourself under control, and act responsibly and respectfully to others, and also have a hobby! It is something.

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