by - 7/29/2017 11:00:00 am

That eyes are likes the arrows
Shot from Cupid's bow.
That smile like a canyons
I've fallen deep below.
That voice is like the sparrow
That takes away my soul.
That fingers like the silky yarn
That keeps my body warm.
That words are like a howlin wind
Movin' though the trees.
That hair is like a field of flowers
Blowin' in the breeze.
That hands are like mother song
That put my heart ease.
And if I'd never prayed before,
A servant he has made.
I bow down at him mosque door
And pray that I be saved.
For I am just a lowly woman
All I've touched I set a blaze.
And he is like the endless ocean
Washed over me in waves.
Forgiving all that I've abandoned
And mends my aching heart.
He hangs his flags there high upon
That broken marble arch.
Whereonce there was a great empire
Stretched to the dark.
Defeated with one single blow
My armies cease to march.

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